Tech Stack: PHP 8.0, MySQL 8, Nginx 1.16, Laravel 8, AWS, PHPUnit
  • Started using Automated Unit & Feature test in project development.
  • Improved Data export functionality to meet wide scale requirements.
  • Boosted Data import speed by identifying bottleneck and improving DB queries.
  • Worked together to upgrade codebase to PHP 8 & Laravel 8.
  • Fixed tons of bugs throughout the time.
  • Fully Agile oriented Developement workflow.

Tech Stack: PHP 7.2, MySQL 8, Nginx 1.14, FlightPHP, RedHat OS, Redis
  • Implemented new payment gateway for recharge.
  • Integrated ConnectID oAuth mechanism for sign in.
  • Introduced Multi-language support for app from backend.
  • Made backend down several times and learnt why writing automated tests are important.

Tech Stack: PHP 7.2, PostgreSQL, FlightPHP
  • Implemented Mobile Balance reselling system for vendors.

Tech Stack: PHP, MySQL, Nginx, RedHat OS, CodeIgniter, Memcache
  • Implemented new payment gateway
  • Improved Reporting in backoffice
  • Implemented Internet package distribution via vendor feature
  • Upgraded CodeIgniter version to 3 from 2.
  • Introduced clustered memcached connection for caching.
  • Wrote a bug that caused recharge section to be unavailable for whole day and learnt why reading curl documentation is needed.

Tech Stack: PHP 7.2, MariaDB 10.2, Apache+Nginx, CentOS, LibreOffice, Unoconv, GD
  • Built CMS backend from scrach
  • Powerfull backoffice with User Access Control
  • Scripted a combination of headless LibreOffice & unoconv to parse resume documents.
  • Upgraded backend from PHP 5.6 to 7.2 over the time.
  • Configured & Maintained both web & database server.

Tech Stack: PHP 7.2, MariaDB, Apache, CentOS, GD
  • A miniature social network for recruiters & job seekers.
  • Implemented Friend Request & messaging mechanism.